Sunday, September 27, 2009

Buildings Breeding Break Up

Dearest Friends and Family,

We regret to inform you of our demise. We are ever so humble and grateful for all of your love and support through out the years. It has been so pleasing to share our little group with all of you. As we disband we do not do so on a sad note, we have had a full run with no regrets or disappointments​.​
We will not leave you empty handed, our farewell record entitled “Kite Fire” will be due out in November. It is by far the most proud we have been since releasing the “Buildings Breeding” LP. We hope you will find the same joy in it as we had creating it.

We will be playing four final shows:

Oct. 8th at Sophia’s, Davis w/ The Mumlers
Oct. 24th at Old Ironsides Sacramento.
Nov. 20th, at TBA Sacramento.
Nov. 21st at Delta of Venus, Davis.

Thank so much for letting us share with you,
all of our love,
Buildings Breeding


Sully said...

Ohh bummer, and I never got to see you live :-\

But I'm glad that it's on a positive note. Looking forward to the new record. Thanks for sharing great music with the world!

Brendan in Pittsburgh

Rumi said...

Brendan got me into you guys too! I can't believe you're breaking up; how do we order your next record and do you still have vinyl for the prior record?

Rumi at CMU

Chris L. said...

Rumi, you can order the vinyl off of our myspace page
The cd should show up for pre-order in late Oct. Expecting a mid- November release.
Thanks for the support both Rumi and Brenden!

Scott Douglas said...

From my little selfish perspective here in Maine, this stinks, but it's good to hear there's one more record to come. My wife and I love your music and thank you for the many hours of pleasure you've brought us.