Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Buildings Breeding LP2 Free Today

Now is your chance to your free digital download of "LP2" Go to www.buildingsbreeding.com visit the 'media' page and start the downloading!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Buildings Breeding LP2

Hey Every​one,​ on Nov 4th we will be launc​hing our secon​d recor​d,​ avail​able for free downl​oad via build​ingsb​reedi​ng.​ com. If you would​ like to be notif​ied by email​,​ make sure we have your email​ addre​ss.​ You can do so by email​ing it to build​ingsb​reedi​ng@​yahoo​.​com.​

If you write​ for a music​ blog (​prefe​rably​ one that is monit​ored by ELBOW​S)​ and would​ like to recei​ve the recor​d early​,​ feel free to conta​ct me also.​


"​LP2"​ featu​res 13 new songs​:​

1. Stay Black
2. Lowes​t Light​
3. Look Up
4. History
5. Pitter Patter
6. Death On Tax Day
7. Rushing Red
8. True Heart​
9. Skyline
10. Horsemen (7 Ribbons)
11. Marching On Memory
12. Flakes
13. Lull A Bye

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last Copies Of "Buildings Breeding" LP

Our dearest friend Jenn over at Mushpot Records had sent me a little package. What was inside excited my heart rate completely. 18 copies of our (Sold Out) "S/T" CD!! So I figured if you are reading this and you like to purchase one, drop us a line right here or email us at buildingsbreeding@yahoo.com. Otherwise you may never get a chance to own this CD, I don't know. As of right now that is not in the cards. There are only 16 copies left so hurry!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Married To The Sea

Last night we started jamming some new songs for the first time. I am pleased to say, I'm very happy in the direction it is taking us. We were able to discuss the new record and really nail down a track list that would be most suiting. BB is starting to feel like a band again. For a moment there we had seemed to get a little off track. Can you imagine spending over $6000 on a record that no one is 100% on? That would send any kind of momentum out the window.
"A Great Divorce" was made strictly to suit Yep Roc, who decided it wasn't right for them. Truth is, if Yep Roc hadn't wanted to hear our next record so bad we wouldn't have made a record that soon. We figured they would want to hear a more polished version of ourselves. But we would have never heard from them if it wasn't for S/T which is completely lo-fi, so why would I think that? I don't want to sound bitter though, I'm not, we have made some really good friends in them. I can understand their disposition. There wasn't a record "there" so much as it was a collection of songs. Fuck it, I'm truly excited about the new-improved record and we will get to work with another amazing label.
TW (Walsh) is gonna start mixing the record in the next few weeks. He is hands down one of the raddest people this world has to offer. Love him.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Three New/Old EP's available on iTunes

Buildings Breeding EP's Emmawood (Pt.1 & Pt.2) and Stacking Up Reasons are now available for purchase on iTunes. Each EP features exclusive content including b-sides, demos and alternative versions of songs form S/T LP. click below to purchase:

Buildings Breeding - Emmawood (Pt.1)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

History Video

So we've been playing around with our imovie and edited a little video for a new tune called "History". I'm not sure if this will be the single but it has been stuck in our head since laying it down.

Cal Worthington and his Blog Spot

Ok, so I got sick and tired of making endless myspace bulletins to let you all know of the new happenings with Buildings Breeding. I won't go as far as to say that they (the bulletins) are pointless... I will say a lot of our myspace friends probably only friend  us to add to their score. Who isn't guilty of this? I know I shamelessly added people before retiring to let it take it's own course. There are only so many porn stars who will actually friend you before it gets a little fishy. No Pun intended.
I spend a little too much time on the space, Melanie tells me it dying, she much more of a facebook girl. Though she does have a point, I hardly fell like anyone gives a shit about the space anymore. Maybe it's fine time that some one creates a new on-line outlet for bands granted that about 90% of bands don't even keep a .com anymore... Enough ranting... just read the effing blog.